• To provide the satisfaction of our customers, work forces, shareholders, personals and institutions that we related to.
  • By offering the designed products in such a way that they will provide them realible, healthy and a sensitive.
  • Performance to environment to our customer, to get their living qualities more comfortable. To be always in the leage with the consumers with the aim to inhance the standards of our sectors.
  • To make all our studies real without doing harms to nature and people.
  • Studying in a transparent workplace environment which is open to participate with our work force, customers and busines associates.



  • To be a leader position in the sector.
  • To lead the customers in determining theirselves needs.
  • To make our sales and services available in order for providing them with a privileged organization.
  • To offer product and service in the universal quality standards.
  • To offer systems that market's need.